There is no huge company behind the name "Tiny Baby", it is a small business of our family. In the Tiny Baby team we are Valters and Ilze, as well as our three diamonds: Reinis, Sabīne and Renāte. This is our family's adventure, because our children are also happy to help prepare your orders.

It is a great pleasure for all of us, because we work together to bring joy to you too!


Tiny Baby is my daily job. Every day I receive your orders, process them and prepare invoices. I spend a lot of time thinking and planning the assortment of the online store - we are all so different and that's why it's so difficult: one will like pink and blue, the other - neutral tones, one will like to combine bodysuits with trousers, the other - rompers with jackets... online store is very interesting and exciting, but at the same time it is a great responsibility towards you - mothers, grandmothers, dads - yes, fathers also choose to order from us the first clothes for their princesses or little heroes.


Could say that Valters is Tiny Baby CEO. He always helps me to plan orders - he usually participates in the second round, because at the beginning I look at the offers from our suppliers and plan the assortment of the online store. We always evaluate the planned orders together and then agree on the approval of the orders. Valters  pays a lot of attention to the quality of clothes and accessories, because one of our main goals is to offer a quality product at a reasonable price.


Reinis really likes to watch me work and then imitate it all. It is always a great pleasure for him to sit at my desk, look at the orders received. I am always informed that a new order has arrived and an invoice must be prepared. Sometimes Reinis is also involved in preparing orders - looking for the ordered clothes and sizes from the list - helps me to complete the orders. He really like to help prepare the packets for sending.


Sabīne and her little sister Renāte really like to help me unpack the shipments received from suppliers - it is sorted by colors, sizes and it is counted whether everything is correct! By helping me with this work, the girls learn both color and counting skills, as well as the ability to be careful, precise, putting clothes in piles. When Sabīne hears the sound of the label printer, she hurries to remove the OMNIVA address card label from the printer and label the yellow smile, and then label the address card itself for already prepared packets…


Renāte also likes to take part in unpacking shipments . Sometimes the boxes are so big that Renate can’t reach the bottom of the box, but she always finds a solution to unpack everything to the end. When I sit at my desk, Renāte likes to stand next to me on a chair, take a page, pencil and “work” - count on a calculator, “write” on a page… Lately, She really enjoyed helping to stick OMNIVA address cards - pok, pok on a paper  to stick… And ready!